Natural Resource Economics

Natural Resource Economics, Inc.

NRE uses rigorous analysis and clear communication to help clients, decision-makers, stakeholders, and the public understand all the many ways in which ecosystems contribute to the economic well-being of workers, families, businesses, and communities.

A full understanding of the economic importance of natural resources

We recognize that an ecosystem contributes to a community’s overall economic well-being through three channels:

  • Providing inputs to commercial activities, near and far.
  • Adding to (or subtracting from) the quality of life enjoyed by local residents and visitors.
  • Affecting the cost of living, doing business, and meeting social obligations in the local vicinity and around the world, for this generation and those of the future.

We especially consider the interactions between those goods and services derived from an ecosystem that are sold in markets and those that are not, the costs (externalities) different resource uses impose on those who do not benefit from the uses, and the influence these interactions and costs have on resource-management decisions and economic outcomes.